Top carpet cleaning methods

When it comes to select carpet cleaning firm for your home, you should know the basics. Carpet cleaning firms use variety of methods for carpet cleaning. Each method has its own pros and cons. Not all methods work for your carpet. You must understand this fact prior to select any carpet cleaning firm. The most popular methods of carpet cleaning use by the companies include encapsulation, carpet shampooing and hot water extraction cleaning. All these methods are best for complete removal of dust particles from your carpet. You can visit the website of carpet cleaning firm to have complete information about their services and methods used. Steam carpet cleaning is also popular because it uses high pressure hot water to remove the dust particles from carpet. The most popular carpet cleaning methods are discussed below:

  1. Carpet shampooing

This method was most popular in the past because it works better. It was used for the heavily soiled carpets. It does not leave any kind of dust or dirt particle behind. It is best for all types of carpets. The presence of residues in the carpet takes long time to dry. Therefore carpet shampooing does not leave any kind of residue in the carpet. Before 1970 the shampooing method was most popular. There are present hundreds of carpets cleaning firms which utilize this technique yet. When the carpet dries it does not offer any residue. These are key features of this type of cleaning method. If you need commercial carpet cleaning you can choose Cardiff Carpet Cleaning services.

  1. Hot water extraction cleaning

This kind of cleaning is also known as steam carpet cleaning. This method is still very popular in the world. It uses the hot water with high pressure to agitate carpet fiber. This practice helps to dissolve the dirt in your carpet. This type of cleaning involves three steps like rinsing, brushing and agitation. If necessary you can also use the chemicals. Hot water extraction cleaning is still very popular in the world. This method of carpet cleaning is good for all types of carpets used in the world.

  1. Dry cleaning of carpets

This method is known as the latest and advanced technology in cleaning. It has gained immense fame because of its performance. No drying time is required in this type of cleaning service. This technique was started before few decades. This is still very popular in the world. As compared to wet cleaning methods this treatment is more effective. Cardiff Carpet Cleaning services are more reliable and effective. This carpet cleaning firm is most popular because of its good performance. They utilize advanced methods for carpet cleaning service. This technology is considered more effective and convenient.

  1. Encapsulation

This treatment involves the use of chemicals and detergents. The dust particles are loosened by this technique. Later they crystallize into powder form. This technique or treatment has overtaken other methods of carpet cleaning. If you need best response or results, you can start the use of this treatment.